icon-sc Respectful

Together with the entrepreneur and his team, we take a direct hands-on approach to value creation. Integrity, discretion and transparency guide our actions.

icon-sc Flexible

Our structure allows us to invest in businesses for a longer period differentiating us from traditional private equity sponsors and enabling us to maximize value over time.

icon-sc Active

Our ability to assume, when necessary, leadership and management roles within our acquired businesses also differentiates us. We prefer significant ownership stakes and the responsibilities entailed.

icon-sc Participative

We invest our own capital alongside capital from strategic  investment partners when necessary. We strongly encourage our managers to participate as well.



•  Revenues between $10M and $75M
•  EBITDA between $1M and $10M
•  Enterprise value between $5M and $75M

Types of transactions

•  Primarily buyout
•  Moderate use of financial leverage

Caracteristics sought

•  Partnership with competent and dedicated managers
•  Etabished products/services
•  Significant growth potential


•  Mainly in Eastern Canada

Preferred sectors

•  Consumer goods (including agri-food)
•  Manufacturing
•  Transport & logistics